Vacancy: Assistant Audit Supervisor

Job Description


  • To support from a technically sound point of view with regards to auditing & accounting standards.
  • To facilitate and conduct training programs.
  • To handle relevant compliance matters for nationwide offices.
  • To effectively present information to internal & external associates.


  • A Degree in Accountancy or any professional qualification.
  • Possess a minimum 4 years of audit working experience, with strong knowledge of international and local accounting as well as auditing standards.
  • Be proficient, both written and spoken English as well as possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Be able to prioritize activities, manage timelines, and deal effectively with pressure.
  • Have excellent organizational and coordination skills.
  • Computer literate, well versed in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other day to day office applications.
  • Motivated, result oriented and able to work independently with minimum supervision.

How to Apply:


  • Download and Complete Application Form :Download Form here
  • Submit Resume and Completed Form to



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Vacancy:Digital Marketing Manager  

Our Client, a Progressive International Company is seeking a Digital Marketing Manager

About the Client :

As part of the marketing team, you will collaborate with the VP of Marketing as well as the Sales, Consulting, and Support teams to create and drive and scale the execution of a variety of inbound and outbound lead generation programs. We’re focused on developing a robust pipeline of qualified leads to support our ambitious goals for the growth of our company and our ability to impact the healthcare economy. We promote and attract new prospects through a wide variety of inbound and outbound programs across paid, owned and earned media channels such as content marketing, webinars, events, social media, and email marketing.

About You:  

  • You have proven B2B digital marketing experience underneath your belt, you know and execute best practices in in social media marketing, digital marketing (SEO/SEM, email, paid media) and understand how to build and convert a digital audience.
  • You know how to leverage content via digital channels to build awareness and drive and nurture leads, having solid work experience utilizing marketing automation/CRM systems such as Hubspot or Marketo.
  •   You enjoy being the tactical rock star behind our events for prospects, customers, and partners – ensuring attendee growth, engagement, and happiness.
  • You’re a cross-team player, keeping both the sales and product teams informed of the latest demand gen campaigns currently in motion and what campaigns will be coming out in the future.
  • You know that it’s all about what the data tells you – you’re comfortable capturing, distilling, and analyzing data


  • Social Media/Outbound communications
    • Oversee day-to-day management of editorial content on all social media platforms – Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Slideshare and any future platforms added
    • Manage social calendar using scheduling tools (Hubspot)
    • Create and maintain internal social media creative asset library
    • Help define and track metrics of success for social platforms and individual campaigns

SEO/Paid Digital Media

  •  Solid knowledge of various paid marketing channels and technologies, including paid search (Google AdWords), retargeting, social network advertising (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more), and content distribution and placement networks.
  • Conduct keyword analysis to understand Create keyword rich content to maximize SEO optimization
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes with SEO and major search engines

Content Creation and Production

  • Assist in the management of the editorial content calendar
  • Assist in the production of blog posts, whitepapers, webinars and infographics

Management and Nurturing of Sales and Marketing Leads

  • Assist in the engagement of sales and marketing-qualified leads by providing regular, helpful and marketing content aligned with the needs and interests of our buyer personas

Event Production

  • Assist in the identification and production of an active event calendar
  • Coordinate all outbound messaging across digital channels
  • On-site assistance and interaction with prospects and clients

 Creative Asset Production

  • Assist in the creative development of external and internal communications, working with a variety of internal and external creative resources to put our brand in the best possible position to win. Some light HTML/design skills and familiarity with programs such as Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator a big plus.



  • Bachelor’s degree with 3-5 years of proven B2B inbound marketing experience
  • Experience in working with Marketing Automation/CRM toolsets such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, or Pardot – from list segmentation and management, creating and deploying outbound communications, and content deployment and campaign analysis/optimization
  • Active and well-rounded personal presence in social media, with a command of each network and their best practices
  • Experience producing print and digital content that drives brand awareness, lead acquisition, web traffic, social media engagement and lead development
  • Fluency in SEO and SEM tactics
  • Demonstrated experience with Google Analytics
  • Demonstrated ability to draft concise, effective, creative, and professional communications across a variety of communication vehicles – sales materials, proposals, presentations & digital media
  • Strong creative mind-set with passion for design, innovation and technology
  • A creative mind and intellectual curiosity – you’re constantly monitoring trends in the healthcare to identify opportunities
  • Strong willingness and ability to work in a fast-paced environment and contribute collaboratively through content creation and broader strategic thinking
  • Extremely organized and highly accountable to deadlines
  • Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Sketch, and Powerpoint/Keynote

How to Apply: Email Application to or Send Application to:”Digiital Marketing Manager ”  Dawgen Towers, 47-49 Trinidad Terrace, Kingston 5


Small Business Start Up Costs: How Deep Are Your Pockets?

One of the challenges of planning and getting a new business off the ground is to establish what your start up costs are going to be. At best, it’s going to be a stab in the dark or a wild guess, but there are some specific steps you can take to make your costings more realistic.

Why Estimate Your Costs?

But, before we look at where you can get help, we should consider why you need to get your estimate of start up costs to be as close to reality as possible. Firstly, if you are seeking bank finance the dreaded Business Plan is required! The Bank Manager is not going to be impressed by a comment such as, “I think my start up costs are going to be around US$110,000 but hey, who knows!”

Secondly, you need to go into any new venture with your eyes open. You have to be as sure as you can on how much it’s going to cost to get your new business started. There is nothing worse than getting 90% of the way there, only to fall at the last hurdle because you didn’t cater for one major expense.

Lastly, as a startup you are likely to only have a limited pot of money available. You have to prioritise which costs are essential and which can be delayed until the business is more established. You can only do this if you have researched and understood what your costs are going to be.

Contact Crowe Horwath Jamaica for Business Solutions Email us at or Tel:1876-9265210 and let us know when you want to meet.

Where Can You Go For Help? 

It’s easy to think that you have a good idea of what your start up costs are likely to be, but do you really? Once you think about it, a whole can of worms starts to open! But there are sources of help you can turn to, which will ensure that you don’t face oblivion within the first few weeks.

A good starting point is to find an Accountant who will provide advice on all aspects of running a business.

Call and book an appointment to see an advisor. They will have a wide range of material and experience which will give you a good grounding in the costs you will have to cover.

Examples of Start Up Costs

If you haven’t got the time to try any of the above (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find some time!) here are some of the key costs you will have to cover:

• Equipment

• Fixtures and fittings

• Installation

• Initial stock

• Advertising

• Decoration

• Legal and other professional fees

• Licenses

• Specialised computer software

Up front rental payment

• Initial cash float

• Cash to cover trading for the first month or two until the payments start rolling in

The list is by no means exhaustive but it will provide you with the first step to finding out how much it will cost you to start up.

Who Said It Was Going To Be Easy? 

Getting a new business off the ground is difficult enough, even if you fully understand what it’s going to cost you. Doing it with no idea is not a recipe for success. Devote some time to this exercise and you will be amply rewarded.

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Team Coaching To Business Coaching, It Gets You In The Game

Coaching is a process of teaching and directing. The one who directs is known as the ‘coach’. To grow within a society and to learn proper skills to establish and perform, coaching is very necessary. At every stage and in various aspects of your life, you will find a need for coaching. It imparts knowledge, discipline and skill to perform wherever there is a requirement.

There is no definite line of coaching as coaches are independent to select the type and structure of coaching. Encouragement, inspiration and advice constitute the base of a coaching technique. These elements are present in all types of coaching (like sports, business, personal and career coaching). An approach towards coaching should be very responsible and disciplined because it requires patience and hard work. It is a very traditional method and starts at a very informal level where parents teach their children. Generally, elders are regarded as good coach for the young ones who are passing through a learning stage. Here are few definite types of coaching that differ from one another with regards to features, functions and time period.

Crowe Horwath Jamaica Tel:1876-9265210

Personal coaching: When a person offers individual coaching to a client then it is personal coaching or “life coaching”. A mutual understanding is established between the client and the coach and the coach carries forward with a definite progress plan. Constant feedback is given to the client and this type of coaching can enter an informal level. A coach analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the client and works towards repair and rebuilding.

Team coaching: A single client is replaced by a team in team coaching. A coach takes care of a particular team and prepares a chart of progress for each individual and an indicator of group performance. This is a better learning process as the clients can learn a lot from each other. Moreover, a collective effort is always better than singular approach.

Business coaching: Business coaching is completely focused on assisting a business owner towards a distinct and efficient business plan. A business coaching can be operated in any department of commerce, from traditional business and entrepreneurial start-up business to e-business. Unlike other coaches, a business coach needs to be completely aware of the current advancements and changes in the business scenario.

Career coaching and executive coaching: Perhaps career coaching is one of the most common coaching types. Almost every student needs guidance to build a satisfying career for him or her. There are many queries and difficulties in students’ life and sometimes they are unable to handle the situation. Executive coaching is the professional type of coaching to impart skills, strategies and professional (according to the profession) behavior to the executives.

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Coaching to Get Results

Contact us today for a Free Evaluation which allows us to customise your Business Growth Program. Email us at or Telephone 1876-9265210

Coaching has become a leading resource that business leaders are taking advantage of to create highly successful businesses. The one misunderstanding is that to use a business coach your business needs to be larger, but that’s not the case at all.
At Crowe Horwath Jamaica we provide Business Coaching services to all size business
Coaching can help create clarity and direction for any size business. Working with a business coach can help to determine what it is you want to create, the reason it is important, and how you plan to reach that goal. It can help you to create an action plan and then achieve the goals you set.
If you had an empowering way that you could commit to and then achieve your business goals, would you not want to take advantage of it? Well, you do, it’s called business coaching.
Business Coaching Helps You to Become Clear on Your Goals
It is important that you are clear on what it is you want from your business along with how you plan to get it. Then you will need to determine what your commitment is. A business coach can help you to create clear goals and plans on achieving those goals.
Business Coaching Aids You to be Effective and Productive
When it comes to support, business coaching provides individual attention along with the challenge and objectiveness that are needed. A skilled business coach is very successful because he or she can:
* Inspire you to expand your solutions
* Keep you focused on your goals
* Make you accountable for your progress
* Support you through the change
* Remove any obstacles so that you can move forward
* Prioritize based on your values
* Challenges you to take the next step
Business Coaching Connects You to What’s Important
Your business coach will help to build a foundation that’s grounded so that you make decisions that are in alignment with your value system and what you value most. They will also help you to create a plan that will ensure your daily actions are in alignment with the values. This is the key to creating commitment breakthroughs.
A small business can benefit as much from a business coach as a larger business. Your business coach isn’t there to make decisions for you, but rather to be a sounding board and to help guide you in the direction that is right for you and your business. Take advantage of outside help to grow your business.
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Contact us today for a Free Evaluation which allows us to customise your Business Growth Program. Email us at or Telephone 1876-9265210 and let us know when you want to meet.

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The Right Time to Buy or Sell a Business

Buying a business especially your first one can be a daunting proposition; this article will discuss the merits of when is the right time to buy. Timing is everything when buying a business, you can either time it well and buy a good business for a low price or time it wrong and pay an overinflated price for a poor business. So when is the right time to buy?

Generally, you should plan well in advance for the sale of any business. With so many economic upturns and downturns, it is impossible to predict the future. By planning well in advance you and your workforce will be prepared for the sale of the business in the future.

It would be better for any seller to sell a business when the sector you are in is thriving. If the business sector you are in is looking good for the future this will allow you to ask a Premium price for your businesses. However, saying this more shrewd businessmen prefer to buy businesses in an economic decline. The reasons for this are businesses are usually purchased at bargain prices, also during economic downturns, interest rates are usually low; this will allow businesses to borrow at a more favorable rate.

As none of us can predict the future, planning is essential in the business world, you may be undecided about selling the business, however if it is something you would consider in the future, it is important to start the process up to 2 years before. This will allow you and your employees to be mentally prepared and also accounts made ready. The idea for the seller is to get the best possible price for the business. Being fully prepared will make you stand out like a shining diamond.

Although it is preferable for a business to be sold when your sector is thriving, it is still possible to attract a good price in an economic downturn. If your business is viewed as being profitable when the sector is performing poorly, this alone may be the factor that would allow you to get a favourable price for the business.

There are times when a sale may be forced on the business.

1. A partner passes away or decides to leave the business.
2. A large company may move into the sector and look to pick off the smaller businesses
3. Your financial position may change
4. The business may have been set up with a view of passing it down to your children; however they may decide they do not want it.
5. Changes in legislation may force a sale

My advice would be never take anything for granted, being prepared to sell the business can only be a good thing if or when the opportunity arises.

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Are You Ready To Start Your Own Business? The 4 Key Questions You Must Ask

starting a business

Every year millions of people answer “Yes” to that question and every year that answer costs many of them money, time, confidence, and heartbreak.

According to recent data, two-thirds of new businesses survive at least two years and 44 percent survive at least four years. Two of the key factors in the businesses survival and ability to thrive: the owner’s education level and the owner’s reason for starting the firm in the first place.

How can you make sure that you are among the winners rather than the losers in this high stakes game? The answer is inside of you. You must ask yourself four key questions to determine whether your own small business will survive and thrive.

1. Are You Ready

Have you mentally prepared yourself for the switch from employee (or student or whatever label fits you currently) to boss. You are going to be the one making decisions now about everything from office products to product line. This total control is one of the driving forces behind many people who take the plunge into starting their own business but it is also one of the elements that drives new entreprenurs crazy. When you start out there is an endless list of decisions that need to be made and new questions crop up every day.

Even more important you will need to remember that in a small business you will wear many hats. Even if you manage to start out with one or more employees you will each fulfill more than one role in your new business. And if you are running a one-man or one-woman show then you serve in every capacity from file clerk to maintenance crew to salesman to CEO. Can you handle switching from task to task and role to role like that? Are you willing to make those switches?

Similarly, have you prepared your family and friends for this switch in attitude? Your life is going to change — probably pretty drastically — and that change can have a positive or negative impact on your family life and social interactions. It will make things much easier if your friends and family are supportive going into the process.

2. Where Is Your Niche?

Have you identified your niche yet? One of the reasons many businesses fail is that they fail to focus on a target audience. Yes if you are a major discount chain then you can sell everything from peanuts to wallpaper but this type of business requires vast resources that just aren’t available to the small business. But small businesses dominate the marketplace (creating more than 50 percent of the private gross domestic product last year) by finding a different approach — a niche.

Knowing your niche means you are better able to find, target, and maintain your customers as well as provide the best possible goods and services to that customer base. That focus is one of your best chances to not only survive but to thrive in a very competitive marketplace.

3. What Is Your Plan Of Action?

Another key factor in the survival and ultimate success of your business is how much planning you do before you open your electronic or physical doors. You need to decide if your business will be based on the internet or include more traditional models. Are you going to work full-time or part-time at your new business? Are you going to hire help or go solo? Have you written (or at least outlined) your business plan? Dreaming, thinking and planning can save you much trouble and waste later when things are hectic and problems strike. Planning can also help keep you focused and to balance your spending and time.

4. Who Are You Going To Call?

At some point, no matter how experienced a business person you are, you will need help. You will need support, advice, tools, or information — or all of the above. One of the beautiful, and most frightening, aspects of growth is that it can lead you to places you never imagined. No matter how much planning and experience you bring to your new position as CEO the unexpected will arise. How will you cope with this? It is important to recognize that no business is an island. It is not failure to seek help. Failure is when your business shuts down because you didn’t get the help you needed.

The best way to get timely help is to work on your support system while you work on building your business. That way you will already have a ready list of resources available that you can quickly tap into when emergencies strike. In today’s world there are many marvelous resources available to you no matter what your business model may be. These include:

~ Publications (newsletters, magazines, books)
~ People (professional advisors, mentors, teachers, consultants)
~ Networks (organizations and forums in your niche as well as general business and marketing)
~ Education and training (tutorials, courses, and seminars)

After you have answered these four key questions you are now ready to ask yourself that one big question again — are you ready to start your own business?

Business Success


Traps To Avoid When Developing Your Business Ideas

Business Ideas

Business Ideas from Crowe Horwath Jamaica

Most businesses fail because the ideas behind them weren’t commercially viable. The business ideas that you choose to develop are critical in determining whether you will be successful.
To help you develop business ideas that will propel you to success, we’ve put together the key traps to avoid when developing your business ideas.

1. Failing to Understand Your Market

Although you are most likely to be successful if you do something you enjoy, business ideas based on your hobbies or interests aren’t enough on their own to guarantee success.
When you’re developing your business ideas, you need to evaluate the market potential.

In other words examine how many people would be interested in buying into your business ideas, what your competition would be and how much you’d need to spend to turn your business ideas into a viable commercial proposition. You should also think carefully about what your unique business ideas are and what you could do to make them stand out from the competition.
In other words, failure to gain a clear understanding of the market potential for your business ideas is the first trap you need to avoid when developing your home business ideas.

2.Developing Home Business Ideas Without Adequate Planning

It’s great if you’re enthusiastic about your home business ideas. However, don’t allow this enthusiasm to cause you to plunge into developing your business ideas without adequate planning.
It’s vital that you plan every step you take carefully to ensure that the way in which you turn your business ideas into a reality is well thought through. Many people who try and start businesses ignore the planning process.
A carefully considered business plan is essential for your success as it will ensure that your business ideas are developed in a logical way.

3. Being Afraid To Ask For Help

Many people are afraid to ask for advice when they are honing their business ideas because they are scared that someone will steal them.
This can be a mistake. By speaking to other entrepreneurs who have developed business ideas of their own, you can learn from their mistakes and their positive experiences. Of course, you shouldn’t speak to someone who has a business in the area you’re interested in.
The other way to get useful information to help you develop your business ideas is by working as an employee or intern in a similar business.

4. Not Having Adequate Funds To Develop Your Home Business Ideas

The sad truth is that even if you have a great business idea, if you can’t afford to develop it properly, you’ll never be a success.

Business Ideas  from Crowe  Horwath Jamaica


The Tea Room Business Plan – Basic Concepts

Business planning and the start of a new tea room venture is more of a process than an event. A new business is a separate entity that is very much like a garden: planning is required to start, certain mandatory steps are required and constant management and pruning must occur to produce a successful venture.

This plan addresses the basic steps as well as the business structure and management steps that are required for success.

The Basic Concept

The basic concept of the business plan is simple:

• An Entrepreneur senses a market opportunity

• To capitalize on this opportunity the entrepreneur establishes a business entity

• The entrepreneur has a vision of the company for the future that foresees a healthy, growing, profitable company

• In order to reach that future vision, a roadmap is required that can be reviewed to determine progress to achieve the ultimate goal

Just like any important trip, a roadmap in the form of a business plan will improve chances of arriving on time and safely. An additional benefit of the business plan is the control function evidenced by the ability to measure progress against the plan.

The critical feature of any plan is not its complexity but its use. Since this document is focused on building a tea room business, a basic document should be prepared and used as the basic guide to the growth of the business, The business plan should be the business owner’s bible and should be read and consulted frequently to determine the mid-course adjustments that are always required in the lifespan of the business.

TEA ROOM TIP: Believe that the business plan is your guide to success. The completion of the plan is only the start of the business. The plan will act as the guide to success and will constantly change as conditions require. The plan will never be complete but will always be useful.


Business planning is a universal discipline and there are as many plans as there are companies. The complexity of the business plan can vary from simple .to overly complex to Byzantine. A classic case study is the story of Compaq Computer, a multi billion dollar computer manufacturer that was launched based on a business plan written on the back of a cocktail napkin.

Many companies, however, focus on the trees of the planning process and overlook the forest of building a business. Often, the business plan becomes one more document for the corporate bookshelf or the drawer of the planning executive and is not used as it should.
Most effective business planners add only that detail that is informative and productive but does not distract the reader from the core ideas of the plan. Since each plan is a living document that represents a guideline to growing a business, changes can be made as often as required by business conditions. Excessive detail may become irrelevant in the light of new conditions.

TEA ROOM TIP:Start with a bare bones plan that can be expanded or enhanced as conditions warrant. Don’t attempt to create an overly detailed plan that may become obsolete as conditions change.

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