SME 75 is an Affordable Accounting and Taxation Support Service

Crowe Horwath Jamaica , with its group of dynamic and professional accountants,understand the needs and requirements of small and medium-size entities. We are always seeking ways to satisfy those needs and requirements in ways that are affordable to our clients. As such, we NOW offer SME 75 and SME 75 PLUS.

SME 75 is an affordable package offered to small business operators for a fee of J$75,000 per year or J$6,250 per month.

SME 75 includes:

 Review of accounting transactions to ensure they are properly posted in the accounting system or posting of accounting transactions in the accounting system (whichever is applicable);

 Preparation of Monthly Financial Reports;
 Payroll Preparation;
 Preparation and filing of Employer’s Monthly Statutory Remittance Payroll Deductions (S01);
 Preparation and filing of Employer’s Annual Return (S02);
 Preparation and filing of Monthly GCT Returns (4A);
 Preparation and filing of Annual Returns: Companies (IT02, IT07, AT01); Individuals (S03; S04, S04a; IT05);
 Preparation and filing of Minimum Business Tax (MBT);
 General accounting and tax guidance.

Who qualifies for SME 75?

Companies and Sole Traders with:

i) Annual Revenues not exceeding $7,500,000;
ii) Number of employees not exceeding 7; and
iii) Number of monthly transactions not exceeding 75.
What other packages are available if you do not qualify for SME 75? Just ask about our SMEPLUS.
Under our SME PLUS you will qualify for either SME175; SME275; SME375; or SME475.

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